We receive almost daily feedback from fans from all over the world, who have found a daily companion in their DAVOSA watch and enthusiastically tell us what they are experiencing and connecting with their watch. We receive stories which stir emotions, which are very personal and also, occasionally, invite to smile. Now we are focusing on our new message “Enjoy the Moment”, which pays tribute to the development of the brand. You don't have to worry: we will still adhere to the promise to make luxury affordable with a DAVOSA watch.


DAVOSA watches are designed for people who experience and enjoy moments in their own unique way.

Enjoyment means different things to different people – some people enjoy themselves noisily, others quietly, some prefer to be somewhere warm or someplace cold, actively moving or just relaxing.

Cherish, use and, above all, enjoy every moment in life!


Whether you’ve climbed another rung of the career ladder, passed a crucial exam, whether you wish to do something special for another person or round off your own appearance. With a DAVOSA, you can crown such a moment and record it for posterity.

No matter how fleeting the moment, a DAVOSA transforms it from a singular excerpt from our present into an abiding part of our life story. It is a permanent reminder of what might otherwise quickly recede into the background in our fast-paced daily lives.

Our extensive collections mean that everyone can find a suitable companion for their special moment. And incidentally, a DAVOSA is also a precise timepiece and a luxury piece of jewellery.

And no matter how and what you enjoy, some moments in life are more precious than others – these are the ones that matter.


Anyone who chooses a DAVOSA, chooses a first-class timepiece with which to enjoy the moment – time and time again.

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