After the great white shark, the hammerhead and tiger sharks, which are over four metres in size, are among the largest predators among sharks. I have been diving with sharks for many years and learned very early on that these animals have nothing to do with the bloodthirsty animals we know from "Jaws" and other Hollywood films.

One of the best places to see sharks is in the Bahamas. With our dive boat we went first to Bimini, a place known for its population of large hammerhead sharks, and afterwards to an area called "Tiger Beach", although there is no beach, island or other land there. The dive spots on site are only a few metres deep, but they are full of sharks. It's a little careless to talk only about the hammerheads and tiger sharks, but in comparison the many lemon, nurse and Caribbean reef sharks on site are actually less impressive.

Diving with sharks is a special experience for Apnea divers. After all, we are limited to one breath and with the right breathing and the right technique we have to make sure that we can spend longer in this wonderful underwater world with this one breath. To experience an even more intense dive, it is also important to study the behaviour of the animals to see where it will swim to next. You should not chase any animal because they will flee, this is not only for sharks but also for dolphins and larger whales. But if you happen to be on the reef before the animals get there, then you will be part of the reef and they might pass you quite calmly.


copyright: Dr. Georg Nies

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