"One of the most beautiful places in Lake Constance is the Rhine Delta. It begins near Bregenz and ends near Rohrschach. There, both the mouth of the Rhine and the mouth of the old Rhine are plenty of reed beds and retreats for waterfowl in short and well a particularly idyllic part of the lake.

Unfortunately, it was exactly there and shortly before the end of my project that I really got into trouble. Stormy gusts, swells, and water breaking in the tent as well as freezing temperatures gnawed at my confidence. Every sleepless night in the wet sleeping bag in the ice-cold and damp tent wears away at my own health. Rest is not to be thought thereby. This would be so important after an average of seven hours of daily swimming. Only the upcoming end and the first successful swim around the entire Lake Constance motivate me to continue.

Today is the 30th of September and tomorrow my last stage starts to Romanshorn. It all started there on September 12, almost three weeks ago. Between the 12th of September and the 1st of October there are many experiences above and under water, which I don't want to miss anymore. I'm looking forward to tomorrow when everything is done and although there is a little melancholy about the end of the project, I'm just glad that it's over now."

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