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    Automatic 48 mm





    The DAVOSA Titanium is a watch that pushes the boundaries of innovation and embodies the essence of modern watchmaking. With its feather-light yet robust titanium case, it is the perfect companion for anyone who leads a dynamic lifestyle.The DAVOSA Titanium is not only exceptionally light, but also extremely resistant to scratches and corrosion. This high-tech material combines strength and elegance in a perfect symbiosis. It gives the watch a unique feel and a modern look that attracts all eyes.

    Titanium housing

    Lightweight and durable

    The titanium case of the DAVOSA Titanium not only offers amazing comfort, but also exceptional durability. The material is scratch-resistant, corrosion-resistant and lighter than steel, so you experience a feeling of freedom and lightness. It is the perfect combination of strength and aesthetics that makes this watch model special.

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