Many of the rules that apply on dry land suddenly lose their validity when you are underwater. You become wholly reliant on yourself and your life depends on anything else you use. Which is why we pay meticulous attention to absolute water tightness, clear readability and easy operability in creating all its divers’ watches. And of course every watch is precise and reliable, because time is a vitally important factor in diving.

Ternos Professional 68H

Caratteristiche convincenti

La serie Ternos Professional è un modello subacqueo apprezzato da professionisti e amatori ambiziosi per la sua assoluta affidabilità, l'ottima fattura e l'elevata funzionalità. I suggerimenti dei clienti sono stati raccolti meticolosamente e ulteriormente sviluppati dal team di progettazione del prodotto. Il risultato è il DAVOSA Ternos Professional 68h Automatic, secondo l'amministratore delegato Corinna Bohle, "il miglior Ternos Professional di sempre".

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Argonautic 39

Reduction to the essentials

Absolute reliability, precision and resilience are characteristics that the Argonautic series fulfils. Until now, the professional diver with a diameter of 43 mm was not reserved for every wrist. This is now changing. The case of the Argonautic 39 has been reduced by exactly 3.5 mm and, with its moderate 39.5 mm, now cuts a fine figure on any wrist circumference.

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The Argonautic Coral shares the outstanding features of the Argonautic series, making it a professional instrument underwater and stylish companion above water. The 30ATM water-resistant case with screw-down crown and helium valve is equipped with an anti-reflective, scratch-resistant sapphire crystal. The SuperLumiNova® BGW9 luminescent material makes the hands, numerals and the luminous dot on the bezel shine even in poor visibility conditions.

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The name Argonautic did not come about by accident. In Greek mythology, the Argo was the legendary ship belonging to the hero Jason, who set sail in her to find the Golden Fleece. His trusted companions and fellow adventurers were called the Argonauts. And this is exactly where the DAVOSA Argonautic picks up – on the principle of being a tough and reliable companion for every diver, water sports and outdoor aficionado.

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Self-illuminating tritium gas tubes require no external light source to cast their simultaneously fascinating and possibly life-saving glow. To protect the tubes against impact as effectively as possible, they are located at a second level beneath the actual dial. The essential is then illuminated through millimetre-precise slots.

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Ternos Pro Nebulous

Perspective for professionals

The new Ternos Professional Nebulous models are a modern addition to the popular "Ternos Professional" series and give the functional professional diver collection a well-dosed pinch of lifestyle in the area of tension between technology and design. Highlight: The transparent dial made of coloured sapphire glass.

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It is not easy to find a diving watch that is both functional and elegant. Diving watches must first and foremost be robust, easy to read and, above all, waterproof. This usually leads to very large and striking watches - unfortunately not always suitable for suits. The Ternos is different: it convinces with its classic design - equally suitable for a diver's suit or a business suit. Functionality has not been sacrificed at all. The Ternos has been one of the most popular DAVOSA models for years.

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The Ternos Medium has the very same quality characteristics of the Ternos Ceramic; it only differs in its dimensions. The case has a diameter of 36.5 mm and a height of 11.8 mm, and is thus more suited to a narrower wrist. The colour variants of the Ternos Lady are also based on its big brother and the classic colour versions of a navy blue or black dial and matching high-tech ceramic bezel. The feminine highlight, however, is the white, high-tech ceramic version of the Ternos Medium, featuring pale grey numerals on the bezel and a polished white dial.

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The helium escape valve was specially developed for use by professional divers. During deep sea dives lasting several days, divers operate from diving bells. Prior to surfacing, these bells are filled with a mixture of helium and oxygen. The helium molecules are lighter than air and can therefore penetrate the watch in sufficient quantity to push out the crystal at atmospheric pressure levels. This can be avoided by opening the valve during resurfacing, which allows the helium to escape, while preventing water from entering the watch. Please keep the helium valve closed when the watch is in contact with water.

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The Apnea Diver Automatic is the new benchmark in the world of freediving timepieces. It is a worldwide innovation, uniting the highest Swiss watchmaking art with the unique demands of the freediver and was developed in cooperation with the well-known professional freediver and world record holder Nikolay “Nik” Linder. The specially designed functions are, of course, not only interesting for freedivers, but also lighten the stressful everyday life of anyone who needs a reminder and some time to “take a deep breath”.

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Ternos Sixties

Retro charm on the wrist

With a case diameter of only 40mm, the Ternos Sixties is inspired by the moderate case sizes of past decades. The height is a slender 12mm, despite the domed glass and the diving bezel. This has been achieved by a clever case construction, which scores with the case head weight including movement and dial of only 58g. The metal bracelet adds only 68g, because the 3mm thick links, which taper from 20mm to 16mm, are also reminiscent of the fashion of 70 years ago.

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Nautic Star

A powerful piece of adventure

With its diameter of just over 40 mm, the Nautic Star Quartz is a strong piece without appearing clunky or ostentatious. In addition to its size and perfect readability above and below water, it contains all the features that make up a classic diver's watch. The case of the watch is made of 316L stainless steel, the same specification that is used for surgical instruments. The glass is made of sapphire glass and also gives scratches no chance. Tightly enclosed in the case to a depth of approx. 100 metres is a Swiss quality movement from the Ronda brand.

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