Nik Linder on the road: Ternos Professional Mountain Lake

Freediver Nik Linder shares his thoughts during his morning dive in the mountain lake:

The tranquillity that emanates from the shimmering green lake is quickly transmitted to me. Later, there will be an incredible amount of activity here. They will be travelling on you with inflatable unicorns, some will have a crate of beer on a rubber boat. Then there won't be much left of the peace and power that you radiate. But for now, everything is still fine and the wild pack is still a long way off.

I try to dive into you calmly and slowly and absorb your strength with every movement. There are no noises down there, no honking and no ringing, here I can concentrate completely on the weightlessness, I don't even have to breathe down here and can therefore do my bit to keep calm. I can hear the first birds singing on the surface and my exhalation creates a small mist that joins the fog over the lake. It's good for today and I want to be gone before the first people arrive, but tomorrow morning I'll come back and dive even deeper into you.

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