DAVOSA launched 300 pieces each of the iconic Argonautic diving watch series under the name Argonautic Coral. Proceeds from this project will benefit the non-governmental organisation "Coral Guardian", which is specialised internationally in the preservation and renewal of endangered underwater ecosystems.

Coral Guardian and Corinna Bohle talked about DAVOSA's commitment in an interview.

Hello Corinna Bohle, so nice to meet you.

Hi, my name is Corinna Bohle. I‘m the managing director and owner of DAVOSA, an independent Swiss watch brand that has made a name for itself with its mechanical sports watches, which are greatly loved by watch aficionados all around the world.

Why is the cause of Coral Guardian important to you?

Coral reefs are a hugely important part of our planetary ecosystem. They provide an essential habitat for countless marine species. While at the same time protecting coastlines and providing a livelihood for people who live from fishing and tourism – especially in parts of the world that are less economically developed.

Tell us about your favourite experience or memory in the ocean.

I first experienced the unbelievable diversity of the underwater world several years ago, while visiting friends who had emigrated to the Caribbean island of Bonaire. Photos and film footage certainly convey some of the magic you encounter underwater, but experiencing it at first hand was simply out of this world and really made me think differently about the oceans. I also learnt a lot about local conservation measures while I was there, and how children are taught to respect their marine ecosystem from an early age. I found that really inspiring.

What worries you most about the current state of coral reefs?

Global climate change has greatly accelerated the endangered status of many coral reefs. The speed of their deterioration worries me tremendously. It not only affects the Great Barrier Reef, which has received a fair amount of press coverage, but also reefs off the coasts of South America, Africa and Asia, which are all equally affected. The global nature of the problem needs to be publicised and we all need to play our part – no matter where our home may be – in preserving natural underwater diversity and halting the process before it’s too late.

What gives you hope for the protection of coral reefs?

Voluntary environmentalists in particular have been educating and raising awareness about this issue, and the message has finally penetrated every level of society. Thanks to this, environmental protection and waste prevention have become important political goals in many countries. NGOs all around the world, including Coral Guardian, are making an incredibly important contribution to preserving and restoring coral reefs. The sum of all these measures makes me feel optimistic that we can succeed in saving our coral reefs.

How is DAVOSA involved in protecting coral ecosystems?

DAVOSA produces mechanical wristwatches and the fact that these are far from disposable products already makes a contribution towards sustainability. Take one to an experienced watchmaker and it can be repaired again and again – and serve you for decades. So it made sense to us to launch a special Coral model of our iconic Argonautic diver’s watch, thereby drawing attention to the endangered status of coral reefs and supporting their preservation with the help of Coral Guardian. As a company, we carry a responsibility that we need to fulfil in a meaningful way.

Our aim is to implement the principle of the circular economy at all levels of our company. This starts with the use of recycled materials in our production and packaging. Our new, recently completed building is heated and cooled by geothermal energy. This year, a photovoltaic system will be retrofitted to the roof, making us almost completely independent of buying in the green energy that we have been using up until now. We have planted trees at our company site to provide a habitat for animals even in an industrial area, and to make another small contribution to absorbing carbon dioxide. In my opinion, it’s the sum of many small things that makes the greatest difference. And the climate aspect must play a role in every decision we make.

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