ohne Lupe mit Datum 没有带日期的放大镜 without Magnifier, with Date
ohne Lupe mit Datum 没有带日期的放大镜 without Magnifier, with Date

Ternos Ceramic

Ref: 161.555.50.NL


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Diving takes you into previously undiscovered spheres and into some of the last unchartered waters of the earth. Whether as a hobby or calling, it is a sport that demands resilience, good condition, strong nerves and a love of adventure on the part of the diver. One of the basic requirements of diving is to minimise the risks as much as possible, which is why good equipment is essential. This is where a watch that can resist extremes of water pressure and on which you can count in any situation comes into play: properties that are united in the Ternos series.

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Ternos Ceramic Rubber Black


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Nylon White 20mm


Nylon Black 20mm


Nylon Green 20mm

20 mm 22 mm

Nylon Grey 20/22mm


Nylon Grey 20/22mm

Nylon strap with brushed stainless steel pin buckle

20 mm matching for Ternos Ceramic, Classic Automatic, Newton Pilot Automatic, Argonautic 39
22 mm matching for Ternos Professional, Argonautic 43, Newton Pilot DayDate / Speedometer


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Ternos Ceramic

REF: 161.555.50.NL

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Innovative materials

High tech ceramic

The coloured inlay of the bezel is made of high-tech ceramic and is extremely scratch-resistant with a hardness (according to Vickers) of 1250 HV. It is also heat- and corrosion-resistant and has a fine feel thanks to its high-gloss polish.

mit Lupe mit Datum 带放大镜带日期 with Magnifier, with Date

Clear readability in the dark

Highest luminosity

The SuperLumiNova® BGW9 luminous material ensures outstanding luminosity. In natural light, the best luminous material currently available is white; in the dark, it glows in a clear blue shade.


316L stainless steel

316L stainless steel fulfils the highest demands: it is very hard, resistant and therefore the ideal material for watch cases and bracelets. Surgical steel has its origins in medicine, where it is the material of choice. Thanks to its high durability, corrosion resistance and anti-magnetic and anti-allergenic properties, it has become indispensable in the world of watches.

Swiss precision movement

DAV 3021

automatic winding | bidirectional winding ball bearing rotor, quick date correction, second stop device, Ø 25.6 mm, H 4.6 mm, 25/26 jewels, 28.800 A/h | power reserve 41h | hours, minutes, central second, date

Elegant packaging

High-quality wooden box

The exclusive wooden watch box from DAVOSA combines elegance and functionality in perfect harmony. The elegant wooden design gives the box a timeless charm and at the same time provides a safe place to store your valuable watch.

ohne Lupe mit Datum 没有带日期的放大镜 without Magnifier, with Date

  • Type


  • Caliber

    DAV 3021

  • Functions

    hours, minutes, seconds, date, quick date correction, second stop device

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