We have been the second time to the Stechlinsee - a lake in Brandenburg. This time in perfect conditions. Whereas last year there was heavy rain, this year was sunny and the lake and the forest looked definetly more friendly to us.

This year, due to covid we traveled the lake and the surrounding forest in a small group. The Stechlinsee is the perfect base for this kind of adventures. A big lake and a deep forest, where you don´t see other people if you don´t want to. The Seatrekking Backpack is shaped in a hydrodynamic way, which makes it in combination with the flexible Leash quiet easy to pull it behind yourself. The Backpack contains everything you need to survive in the wilderness for a couple of days. It is amazing to see, how fast you get the feeling of freedom, although you are still in a lake in Germany.

We used to offer this tours abroad in countries like croatia, thailand and italy but covid forced us to rethink and I found out, how great it is to discover your own neighbourhood. I would have expected to find such a great world in your own country or behind your own garden.n kann.

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