The sixth stage is a particularly strenuous one for Nik Linder. After initially good weather, there has been continuous rain and strong wind for four days. On the sixth day, the thermometer in Constance has dropped to 5 degrees at night and 11 degrees during the day.

The day starts for him already with a cold and additionally the efforts of the last days are in his bones. Today he has to swim almost 10 km from Konstanz through the Überlinger See to Dingelsdort. If Nik manages this, he will not only circle the flower island Mainau, but is still in his self-set tour plan. He will then have overcome the first magic limit of 50 km swimming distance.

After six hours of swimming, the time has come. Despite extremely exhausting conditions due to the cold temperature, the rain and the wind, he manages the daily distance of 9.3 km. Thus he has covered a total of 64 km in the first 6 days, 52 of them swimming.

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