With a passion for beautiful watches, DAVOSA Swiss builds watches for people who are fascinated by them -
not only for people, but also for mermaids!
Katrin Gray, aka Mermaid Kat, is a trained diving and apnea instructor, technical diver and above all a mermaid.
The former "Miss Germany International" attaches great importance to looking good not only above, but also underwater.
This of course also includes the right accessories. With the underwater stunt woman, looks are just as important as the performance
of her accessories in and above all under water. The DAVOSA watches are exactly the model's taste.

In December 2020, Mermaid Kat posed with her new DAVOSA watches during the underwater shoot.
Konstantin Killer is one of the most famous and successful underwater model photographers in Europe.
He has an eye for detail and knows how to properly stage his models underwater. The styling and expression of the model are
just as important as the right technique. The use of jewelry and accessories also plays a major role for him. In contrast to the
usual diving watches, the DAVOSA watches exude a certain elegance, which is ideal for a great photographic implementation.
Together with make-up artist Aneta Graniger, the team considered which styles would ideally showcase the watches.
For the TERNOS MEDIUM AUTOMATIC, Ref. 166.196.20 with a white dial, a gentle styling with delicate colors was chosen.
With the TERNOS MEDIUM AUTOMATIC, Ref. 166.196.50 with a black dial, things could go a little wilder in the "Catwoman look".

With the DAVOSA Swiss watches, elegance and high performance can be easily combined and this is not only liked by mermaids.

Many thanks to everyone involved in this project:
Photography & image processing: Konstantin Killer
Underwater model: Katrin Gray, aka Mermaid Kat
Visa: Aneta Graniger

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