On September 12, our brand ambassador Nik Linder started a remarkable tour. He wants to be the first person ever to swim and dive completely around Lake Constance. He has set himself a goal of about 200 km of pure water. He is accompanied by a SWR camera team, which produces a short series for the Landesschau. Here is his first report after four days on tour.

"After I got off the ferry to Romanshorn with the SWR camera team, we took a few more shots, then the tour finally started and I swam off in the direction of Kreuzlingen. Actually I wanted to cover only a few kilometers but the great weather and the mirror-smooth lake made it a pleasure and only after almost 11 km I headed for the campsite. The second stage was a lot shorter, it brought me in 6 km to Kreuzlingen. From there a day later through the Rhine into the Untersee. The Rhine is a fantastic place for diving, lots of carp, pike and many more live in it and are easy to observe in these shallow depths. But the tour with destination in Gaienhofen dragged on and only after almost 16 km and 9 hours in the water I reached the campsite exhausted.

On the fourth day I met the camera team again on the island of Reichenau. But the supposedly short way there was complicated by a storm and high waves. Happy, but quite exhausted and frozen through, we visited the tourism chief of the island and a vegetable farmer. Unfortunately, the great weather of the first two days did not continue and since the third leg it rains and storms almost permanently. With my 3 mm suit it gets colder and colder depending on the duration in the water. The first blisters have already formed and I hope that my body does not leave me in the Sich on the next stages. After the tour on the Reichenau it means to get back into the wet suit and swim another 3 km through the Gnadensee to reach the campsite Hegne. From there, accompanied again by SWR, I visit the largest nature reserve on Lake Constance - the Wollmatinger Ried."

Nik, we wish you all the best for the further course of your project!

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