Our brand ambassador Nik Linder has broken another world record. And that in front of an audience of millions on German television. With his beloved DAVOSA Argonautic BG. He tells us about it in detail:

"Already some years ago I broke a world record in „the longest breath hold upside down“ in the Italian version of the Guinness World Record Show in Milan. Since then I know how nasty this is. Although I am quite good in holding my breath, doing it upside down is a big challenge, because all the blood goes in your head and your heart starts to pump and your stretched bag hurts, as you are fixed with the feet on the rope at the ceiling and your head is in a small aquarium.

So not really enjoyable and when some Iran Freediver broke the record some years ago, I did not intend to get the record back, although I knew I would be able to do it. The original record set by me in Milan was 4:29 min and was some years later beaten by the Iran Freediver in a time of 4:40 min.

But I received an offer breaking this during a popular TV Show in Germany. And as due to corona, nothing else was to do, and I wanted to challenge myself. I tried it again.

Thanks to Corona, the show was a bit different than I expected it. We were in our room all time only allowed to leave for the toilet and the final training and of course the record attempt during the show.

The training went well, although I was eating a lot of chocolate bars and drank to many capuccino that day because I was so bored. I spent the whole day doing apnea tables and breathing techniques as I never knew when the ask us to come to the studio. Anyway the training went well and was much better, than the trainings in the gymnastic room of a friend where I fixed myself upside down and hold my breath the weeks before.

On the record day one day later I was a bit nervouse and my contractions started earlier, than the day before. But in the end, I could beat the consisting record and set a new one with a total dive time of 4:51 min. And today I am sure I will never do this again ;-)"

You can watch the excerpt from the show with Nik's world record (from 6:30 min) here.

Photo Credits: „by Record Holders Republic“

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