We asked Nik Linder for a small statement to the DAVOSA Argonautic Bronze World Tour and asked him to give us some impressions of the past few months.
Where remarkable functionality, unconditional precision, an easy-going lifestyle and a whole lot of fun come together, Luca Tribondeau won’t be far away. The Austrian sports ace has taken part in alpine ski races and the new slopestyle discipline at the Olympic games in Sotchi, he is also a passionate surfer ...
We are very happy to introduce you today to our new cooperation with Birgül Erken.
Nik Linder made his first big trip this year with our DAVOSA Argonautic Bronze Limited Edition (Ref. 161.581.55). In Mauritius he experienced fascinating dives with sperm whales. Here you get a small impression of the journey.
Today we would like to introduce you to the development and history of the Argonautic-range in the form of the attached document and a small gallery.
This year, together with Nik, we've come up with the idea of ​​bringing our limited edition Argonautic Bronze as a companion throughout the year. Anyway, due to the material, each of the strictly limited watches has its own look and develops its own patina. But how does the surface of the Argonautic Bronze develop during..
Bronze has two properties that the typical case materials of stainless steel and gold do not: it looks unique and the material forms an unmistakable patina within a short time.
For the fifth time, the popular Apnea Festival was hosted in Walensee, Switzerland.
Meanwhile, it is one of the largest apnea festivals in Europe. With 30 participants from Germany, Austria and Switzerland, the festival was fully booked again this year...
At the end of the #apneaworldtour, the jury had to rate the individual travel reports and evaluate the feedback of the social media contributions. Now, the winner is finally certain: it is Thilo Eisenhardt!
In his report, Thilo discovered the El Quadim Bay at the Red Sea together with our Apnea Diver Automatic. In his..
The next destination of our #apneaworldtour is the island of Bali in the Indian Ocean. Together with our Apnea Diver Automatic Susanne Lindner pursued her wish to learn freediving and therefore signed up for a freediving school. In her detailed report, she talks about the training that has helped her get closer to her dream...
The next destination of our #apneaworldtour is Egypt. Thilo Eisenhardt discovered the El Quadim bay on the Red Sea together with our Apnea Diver Automatic. In his detailed report he tells of exciting encounters under water and relaxed moments on the beach...
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