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Travel report #7: Bali with Susanne Lindner



The seventh round of the #apneaworldtour: Bali

The next destination of our #apneaworldtour is the island of Bali in the Indian Ocean. Together with our Apnea Diver Automatic Susanne Lindner pursued her wish to learn freediving and therefore signed up for a freediving school. In her detailed report, she talks about the training that has helped her get closer to her dream:

Susanne_Lindner_3_webBeing a passionate scuba diver for many years, I discovered freediving only three years ago. Moving freely in the water without heavy gear fascinated me a lot and the wish was born to freedive longer and deeper in more relaxed ways. To make my dream come true, I arranged four months off from work. Four months dedicated to travelling, freediving and yoga.

My first spot is APNEISTA Freediving & Yoga in Amed, Bali. APNEISTA was the first freediving school in Bali. Their approach is: it is not how deep you go, but how you get there that matters. To make it a relaxed experience rather than focussing on numbers about depth and breath hold, APNEISTA enables people to improve their free dives with yoga and meditation. In addition, the location of the dive centre is quite unique: you can be in calm 50m deep water just 100m from shore – no boat rides necessary, which I find really comfortable.

Susanne_Lindner_4_webAPNEISTA offers exactly what I am looking for and I booked a 4-week Master Course to get training adopted to my individual needs. And what better travel mate could there be than the DAVOSA Apnea Diver Automatic, that can accompany both, my dives and my yoga practice.

Early morning yoga is starting with Pranayama. One of my favourite breathing techniques is Nadi Shodana. The alternating breathing really helps me to relax and the Apnea Diver supports me in finding my rhythm for inhaling, holding my breath and exhaling. I simply follow the watch hand moving from the blue to the white to the red section while sitting silently in the beautiful yoga studio (shala) facing Bali’s active volcano Mount Agun.

After yoga and relaxation I am ready to start the training. Whether it be rope training for free immersion, constant weight or static training to work on my breath hold – being relaxed is always in the fore and the Apnea Diver is always on my wrist.

Susanne_Lindner_1_webSo, it didn’t take long and as a reward my wish to do relaxed dives without gear comes true. The famous Liberty Wreck in Tulamben is nearby and the perfect playground for doing fun dives in up to 28m depth.

Thanks to APNEISTA I am well prepared for my next dream destination: Freediving Liveaboard Raja Ampat – unfortunately without my dear travel mate, the DAVOSA Apnea Diver.





Here you can also watch an impressive video of Susanne Lindner's free dive:


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