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Die letzte Etappe der Bodensee-Challenge verlangt unserem Markenbotschafter Nik Linder noch einmal sehr viel ab. Wird er es schaffen?
Nik Linder feiert einen Meilenstein: 100 Kilometer der Bodensee-Umrundung sind bereits geschwommen, er nähert sich seinem Ziel.
Most free divers would not claim diving on a single breath to be extreme. However, diving on a single breath under solid ice definitely is.
Auf 140 Jahre Schweizer Uhrmacherkunst blicken zu können, macht uns stolz. Ist das Grund genug für eine neue Limited Edition?
Freediving with orcas in Norway's rough seas. Nik Linder shares impressive moments he collected while diving with orcas in Norway.
Adventures in your own neighborhood: We have been the second time to the Stechlinsee - a lake in Brandenburg. This time in perfect conditions. Whereas last year there was heavy rain, this year was sunny and the lake and the forest looked definetely more friendly to us. This year, due to covid we traveled the lake and the surrounding forest in a small group.
Whether above or under water, many women value style. So does Katrin Gray alias Mermaid Kat. As a former "Miss Germany International", the experienced diver feels most comfortable under the water in a visually coordinated outfit with matching accessories. Accordingly, she likes to use the DAVOSA watches during her underwater shoots.
Nik Linder about Freediving in extreme conditions - Freediving under ice!
No matter if you dive on a single breath or with a scuba diving tank. You always need to rely on yourself and your equpment. But sometimes you are more exposed for example when you dive under the ice.
With a passion for beautiful watches, DAVOSA Swiss builds watches for people who are fascinated by them -
not only for people, but also for mermaids!
DAVOSA accompanied Andé Grabs to a new world record in apnea diving - together with brand ambassador Nik Linder
Today we would like to present our new DAVOSA visual identity and invite you to have a look behind the scenes
DAVOSA brand ambassadors visited us in the new company building in Herford
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